State of Sustainability Survey Middle East 2023

How are businesses like yours capturing the value of sustainability in the Middle East?

From top and bottom lines to managing the green line. Are you doing enough? Be part of Fast Company Middle East’s State of Sustainability Survey to share your views and opinions.

Companies are putting sustainability at the top of their business agenda. Large energy companies in the Middle East are taking steps towards greener operations, products, and services. No matter their size, or industry, companies are increasingly becoming aware of sustainability as an asset that adds value.

Consumer awareness around climate change has increased as well. Their purchasing decisions aren’t just based on products or price, now they want to buy from companies that support causes they care about.

Even investors are seeking out companies with a strong ESG record.

But are companies in the Middle East doing enough to make sustainability profitable and profitability sustainable?

Fast Company Middle East is conducting a survey into businesses’ attitudes and behaviors around sustainability.

Please scroll down to take the survey.

State of Sustainability Report Middle East 2023


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    Yes. It has clear goals, defined targets and KPI.Its sustainability programs are managed with the same discipline as other business initiatives.No. Executives are struggling to prioritize ESG amid economic conditions.No. They lack knowledge and clear goals.
    Yes. Employees receive training on integrating sustainability practices into work.No, most are greenwashing, exaggerating their progressSelective reporting
    Significant impactModest impactNo financial impactCan’t say
    No. We have measurement tools in placeWe have built organization-wide accountability for resultsYes. We don't know how to optimize sustainability strategiesThe methodology is flawed. No clear measures are in place
    No. It has no transparency in the supply chainIt has limited visibility and knowledgeYes. We are using technology to manage supply chains, workforce, and business processesWe market the sustainability attributes of our products and services
    Embedding sustainability data into business processesUsing information such as bills of material, energy usage, and procurement dataThere’s no unified reporting standard

    Come together in networks with suppliers, contract manufacturers, distributors, and other value-chain partnersStart change from topTrack progress using technologiesAll of the above
    Perhaps, but limited to only the big companiesYesNo
    Yes. Developing business cases for sustainability programs; set tangible goals and convert those into performance targetsPartly. Can seek impact through collaborationNot sure
    YesYes, but limited dataNot sure
    Yes, it is actively seeking ways to reduce waste and maximize resource efficiencyNo, circular economy is not a priority for itIt lacks knowledge on how to implement it
    It lacks the knowledge or resources to invest in renewable energyYesNo

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