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What is the future of U.S. markets amidst inflation and labor disputes?

The U.S. market has weakened recently due to concerns about inflation and labor disputes. Factors like increased U.S. Treasury bond issuance, rising bond yields, higher oil prices, and consumer unease have impacted the stock markets. Citi’s ‘CIO Strategy Bulletin’ delves into how market trends have historically recovered following periods of declines in U.S. equities and bonds. It is attributed to the combination of factors such as robust economic forecasts and the impact of rising real bond yields.

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Executive Summary

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the U.S. markets as they navigate the challenges posed by inflation and labor disputes. Explore the key factors influencing market trends and discover the historical context of market recoveries following declines in the U.S.


The U.S. market is grappling with weakness due to inflation and labor disputes. Increased Treasury bond issuance, rising bond yields, oil prices, and consumer unease have impacted stocks. The report explores recovery patterns and economic forecasts and offers strategic insights.

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