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What will 2023 hold for the global economy?

In 2022, the world economy encountered substantial hurdles, primarily stemming from Ukraine's conflict, supply chain disruptions, and increased tensions between the United States and China. Turning to 2023, the persistent economic vulnerabilities are expected to continue.

Citi’s report titled ‘Wealth Outlook 2023 Roadmap to Recovery: Portfolios to Anticipate Opportunities’ emphasizes the need for a thoughtful investment strategy and highlights the potential in fixed-income and non-cyclical equities.

Download the report to understand the impact of global events on financial markets.

Executive Summary

In 2022, the global economy faced significant challenges due to the Ukraine conflict, supply chain disruptions, and escalating geopolitical tensions. This is expected to persist into 2023, and this report emphasizes the crucial need for a strategic investment approach by highlighting the potential of fixed- income and non-cyclical equities as opportunities in these uncertain times.


The report addresses the global economy's significant challenges in 2022 and the necessity of a strategic investment approach. It highlights the potential in fixed-income and non- cyclical equities in these uncertain times. It also provides insights into how global events are impacting financial markets.

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